NFL Week 16 Preview w/ a Vegas Twist – TCP281

NFL Week 16 Preview w/ a Vegas Twist – TCP281
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Week 16 for many means championship game.  For others, it could mean a difference between 3rd place and getting something or 4th place and getting…nothing.  But for TCP, we’re covering EVERYTHING!  IR moves, waiver wire additions that you can plug and play, and of course we use the Las Vegas gaming lines because, hey, we’re from Vegas and we can help you decipher through all of it.  So listen away and hit us up on social media with any questions because we want you to win just as bad as winning for ourselves! In this episode…

  • Every single game on tap week 16 including the line and totals
  • Which flex plays we like best
  • Which games we think will be high scoring
  • Which games to stay away from
  • AND much more!!!!

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