Fantasy Football Thursday Night Triple Threat – TCP264

Fantasy Football Thursday Night Triple Threat – TCP264
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Happy Thanksgiving!!! It’s time for the ‘Wheel of Punishment’ episode otherwise known as our Thursday Night Triple Threat episode.  We’ll review that great game between the Packers and Seahawks before Jay sings his punishment song from The Killers and then we’ll end with a preview of all of the Thanksgiving games including Detroit, Dallas, & Saints.  If you wanna see the magic that goes into one of these episodes, check out our YouTube channel.  It’s in the link below!

  • Review the Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks game
  • Punishment Karaoke song by Jay Upp
  • Preview of the Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions game
  • Preview of the Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys game
  • Preview of the Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints game
  • The next punishment on the ‘Wheel of Punishment’
  • Also in studio Lee Upp!!!
  • and more…..

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